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Bryan Bateman wrote:

please read my post again, I don`t think there is anything there that suggests a narrow view, not nearly as narrow as the quote above.
Woah! Bryan!

Ever consider Homma's opinion of "osu" might be slanted, as opinions always are, mine included!?!? With that established, I would find it hard to believe that the entire Yoshinkan and Yoshokai organizations (not to mention numerous other budo styles) would accept hordes of students to utter such a horrible and disrespectful word like "osu," day in, day out, if it really was horrible and disrespectful. Hardly. Maybe at one time within one group of individuals who disagreed with it's use for whatever reason (maybe they prefer "onegaeshimas," my style uses "hai" just as much) the word took on a bad rep. However, many students of budo out there today shout the word from the bottom of our hara, and we mean it when we do so. That feeling in my heart is enough and speaks for itself, and so is the look on my Sensei's face when we shout it as loud as we can, with all our spirit driving the sound out. Do you or Homma have the etymology of "osu" all figured out? Really??
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