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Exclamation Re: aikido is weak

I probably should know better, but ....

Stuart Caue wrote:
I watched an aikido class and I must say that aikido doesnt work one bit. its very weak and fake.
Stuart, over the summer I heard an anecdote implying that Bruce Lee could watch something ONCE and pick up everything he needed to know about it. Most mere mortals, however -- and the odds are very good it includes you -- are not like Bruce Lee.

If you REALLY want to form an opinion about Aikido, there's only one way: Join the class and do it. Not just once but several times. You still don't like it after all that, go ahead and quit. But you ain't gonna get a handle on it just by watching it. (Love to hear what an NHB guy would say about your karate class.)

.... Take karate or kikboxing for some real effective fighting.
I am taking karate -- been doing it for 19 years now. And Filipino Kali, form someone who also holds classes in Pentjak Silat Serak, so I'm doing that. And Tai Chi. My Kali instructor has also studied, and teaches, Jun Fan/JKD and Wing Chun; he's also familiar with boxing and Thai Boxing. When I told him I was thinking of resuming training in Aikido, which I'd first done in the late '80s for a couple of years, his exact words were, "Go for it! You'll be a better martial artist." After I'd started, I told my karate sensei, and he smiled and said, "Oh, good for you."

Anything from them about how it was fake? How I'm wasting my time? Nope. Where does that leave you?