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Peter Cox
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Aikido in the Chicago western suburbs

Hello there. I live in the western suburbs of Chicago, and was wondering if anyone could offer advice on a good dojo to commence training at.

I have no prior experience with martial arts. My interest in Aikido stems from having seen some training sessions at the Midwest Aikido Center in Chicago (I used to live nearby, and was about to enroll there when I broke my ankle rather badly. While still recovering, I moved to the suburbs).

Additionally, I am curious as to how I might expect the training to impact my ankle. For the interested, I suffered a tri-malleolar fracture, and have several bolts through both the tibia and fibula, along with a plate along the fibula. At this point, I don't tend to notice the ankle - unless it receives a sharp lateral jolt. I would hope that this weakness would abate over the course of the training regimen.

Any advice/information would be much appreciated.

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