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Re: ueshiba and chinese martial arts

Christian Boddum wrote:
Hi !

The other day training with a fellow doka ,he told me that at seminar during break he was doing
some Tai Chi form , it must have been a couple of years ago ,Nishio sensei and his danish translater
came into the hall,and Nishio sensei lit up by seing that ,the translater told him that Nishio sensei
had accompanied O´sensei on travels in China and O´sensei had been very enthusiastic about Tai Chi. Since Nishio sensei started his Aikido training in 1952 ,this probably happened some years later.

Unfortunately that is all I can add.

yours - Chr:B.
Quite likely a mistake by the translator - AFAIK, Morihei Ueshiba made no trips to China after the war.



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