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I train at a dojo where ukemi is given a great deal of consideration, a practice which I think is great. However that means that when we practice Koshinage we're focusing ourselves mainly on the ukemi (mainly because many of us literally suck at breakfalls).
Okay, that out of the way I have to say that today while practicing Koshinage I took a couple of particularly nasty falls. Apparantly I must have done something incorrectly, because now my ankle hurts; hopefully it's not fractured or anything. Doesn't feel that bad. Obviously I want to avoid this kind of thing in the future; I'd hate to limit my time on the mat by an injury, not to mention the effect it would have on my tap dancing career.
My question basically is this: Does anyone have any tips on falling out of Koshinage? My sensei is really beautiful in her ukemi, but I'm just not getting it. (I think I may be afraid of heights; at 6' 6" tall it's a long way down!) I know to let my weight fall over nage's hips for what should be a really soft breakfall, but when you weigh 250 lbs it's a little easier said than done to get hoisted up.

Can anyone help me to stop chickening out on my breakfall and landing in a sobbing heap on the floor?

Much thanks,

Chris Pasley
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