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The Zen of Jazz.....

I have been listening to Jazz and Blues ever since I can remember. My father I guess kind of "conditioned" me ever since I was a small tike. I still to this day never get sick of listening to the recordings of Joe Pass, Al Demiola, Return To Forever, etc. I started playing the drums when I was around the age of 7. I was in the High School Jazz band, and now I currently play with a few people now and then. When I started to practice Zen, and later Aikido, I found that my creativity, and skill on the drum set, kinda opened up for some reason or another. I guess I could contribute this to having a more peaceful mind or somethin, but I really cant put my finger on it. I think that maybe Jazz and Blues, can relate to zen, and Aikido in more ways than one. Before being involed with them, music gave me almost the same tranquility that you may feel after doing zazen, or getting home from the dojo. I was wondering if anyone else can relate to this.
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