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Question Re: Meditation for beginers

Would you care to elaborate on your claim that meditation is beneficial but that you do it without trying to attain the benefits?

I'm sure that meditation and zazen is beneficial, and I'm sure that there are many people who "just sit". But I don't see how you can go both ways and talk about the benefits and "just sitting" at the same time?

In my (probably limited) view even calling zazen a form of meditation is a paradox. Meditation is to me something you do to reach another inner state and to reach inside yourself. In zazen you sit. Zazen I thought meant "sitting zen", not "zen meditation".

But I don't practice neither meditation or zazen, so my understanding of this is probably skewed. That's why I ask, to know more about the paradox contained in "I sit without trying to attain anything, because it's very beneficial".

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