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Re: randori with superuke

Do things SLOWLY. As Musashi said, your spirit can be transferred to your enemy i.e. if you rush around wildly they will rush around in the same manner.

With a multiple attack people always have the opportunity to get somewhere before you can. Therefore, stroll towards your ukes, do not run around the mat. The only time you may have to move faster is during the technique (if they attack fast).

As an experienced uke in randori, I find the easiest way to catch someone is to see a space which nage will run into, hang around that space at a safe distance, and then attack quickly. However if nage is moving calmly, they don't rush into that space, and therefore have time to deal with your attack.

So here is the strategy:

1. move calmly towards 1st opponent
2. As they initiate attack (or as you enter their space and force an attack) do the technique and move during the technique.
3. Calmly be aware of the others and choose the next opponent.

---understanding aikido is understanding the training method---
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