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Re: Silent ukemi, or not...

Jon Smith wrote:
Besides, if I were to get thrown onto concrete, I'd rather impact with my arm and break it if it's necessary to protect my "vital" organs...[/b]
Although I agree, with the presrvation of vital organs, in a fight I would argue that your arms ARE the vital organs in the context of defending yourself, because with no defence your vital organs are going to take a kicking. I'd rather have a bruised kidney and pass blood for a few days (believe me I've been there on that one) than get my head stamped to oblivion because I'd broken my arm on impact. I'd argue that perhaps rolling out of an assault, providing you have enough space and are far enough away from an opponent. Or if there isn't enough space, then be prepared for a hard fall, and to follow up with a'll not notice the pain anyway when the adrenaline flows...

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