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Mark Balogh
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Re: ueshiba and chinese martial arts

Hi everyone,

In the other thread (2098) Christopher Li says this...

Nice argument, but I don't buy it. There is very little of a technical nature in Aikido that isn't also present in Daito-ryu, including all the things that he mentioned. I'm still fairly sure that Sokaku Takeda didn't spend much time in China.

I'd like to say that I have done very little Bagua, but I have done some at least. I have also studied a reasonable amount of Daito Ryu. From what I can tell, all movement in Daito Ryu was originally COMPLETELY linear and Okabayashi Shogen is a massive advocator of this. The dragon walking in Bagua has what I could describe as "little tenkan's" in. Whatever arguement there is about history, IMHO it is clear that Bagua has at least had a significant influence on Aikido footwork.

O'sensei also has done things in demonstrations that I have not seen other japanese martial artists do, at least not the same way. Their is a common technique in Yoshinkan Aikido where the uke runs in and makes contact with tori's shoulders from the front. Gozo Shioda can be seen in many demo's projecting the person away very impressively!!! However, when I have seen O'sensei do this, it looks very different, softer in a way. My friend showed his Chi Gung teacher the video of O'sensei and he said that it was a common Chi Gung method of using your breath and body like a balloon.

I think in the case of O'sensei and the influence of Chinese Martial Arts upon Aikido, I feel that there is never this much smoke without any fire.
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