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sceptoor wrote:
I just recieved my very first Hakama.
It is the 8 ounce Poly/Cotton Twill job from Bu Jin and was wondering, what is the proper care for this Hakama?? Intructions on folding were included, but cleaning intructions were not. Also, tips on keeping the pleats sharp would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!
Bu Jin's cotton/poly blend hakama are perma-press. If you have an aiki-style koshita, you can wash and dry the hakama as you would any other perma-press item.

If you have a hakama with a traditional koshita, I recommend washing it by hand as others have described. The rigid koshita will break down quickly due to the agitation of the washer and heat of the dryer.

The best way to keep the pleats sharp is to fold your hakama carefully after each use.

Mark Wise
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