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Tongue Re: Funny things during class

During warm up one day, there was one where we had to bring our knees up to our chest, and hold... Needless to say, by mistake I let slip a wind, while the guy next to me turned around and said "But withou farting..."it was sooo embaressing, but so funny at the same time....

Fast forward to yesterday....

It was my second pre-exam, and my partner was going to apply shomenhuti iriminague on me.... Sooooo... Like a good partner, I attaked, she came in to block, and pulled me to her sholder... But instead, she stepped on my foot, and knocked my head on her jaw... I walked away rubbing my head, and her, her jaw, while every one else laughed. We tried again.... This time she stepped on my foot, knocked my head on her jaw, and tripped me up..... LOL! Needless to say that she won't be doing the exam now... She doesn't even want to.. Doesn't think she's good enough... I wonder why.... LOL!
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