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Richard Elliott
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Re: Article: This is MY Mat! by "The Mirror"

Hello Ms. Dalton

This is a tardy response to your esay, but I would just like to say that it just represents, for me, "the real thing" and won I can identify with too. Thanking somebody for something like you describe is as hard as "turning the other cheek" as they say. Something I'm a long way from. To me, that state of "being thankful" and practicing it is one of the best things about doing Aikido I discovered and learned about my own deficiencies with regard to it. It's just hard work, I guess.

Anyway, it seems to me, without a strong healthy ego structure to begin with it's hard to even get to that "place of thanksgiving" where one KNOWS why it's important.

And Thank You!

Respectfully, Richard
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