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Re: The GREAT kata debate

"Aliveness" is a term used to describe the training methodology of the StraightBlast Gym International.

Respectfully, I don't think anyone on this board has trained with the StraightBlast Gym at all, let alone long enough to be qualified to discuss their training methodology or compare and contrast it with any other.

The StraightBlast Gym has a specific goal, hence their training method. I can say from experience that the StraightBlast Gym (SBG) produces excellent martial artists and solid athletes (what they would probably call, "martial athletes"). Frankly, there really isn't any debate about that. The SBG's "record" speaks for itself.

I'm not sure any aikido dojo would have the same goal as the SBG, which fundamentally means they could or most likely should have a different training methodology.

...that my two cents.


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