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Re: HERO: The movie !!

Hero was released in 2002 and was China's entry into the "Best Foreign Film" catagory for the Academy Awards. I saw it then, and now. This "new" version had additional footage, setting the story and ending the story that I didn't recall....most likely so the American audiences would have a reference point.
I'm an avid fan of the original Chinese version and own it on DVD. I had no idea the new release had new footage - I was under the impression that Miramax was just putzing around instead of actually doing anything useful. Anyhow, how much was changed? Was it just additional footage or were parts deleted and switched around as well? The previews make it sound like a somewhat different story, so I'm curious if they actually did enough to change the plot. I wasn't planning on spending $10 to see it for the Nth time, but if there's some considerable differences, it might be worth it on the big screen.

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