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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Self defense against what???

Who is stupid enough to rob people with NO weapon?? If one of those brainiacs tries that stunt with me, their in for a rude awakening. LOL
I know what you mean, but in my limited experience...

1) the weapon is often not displayed until the moment it is you don't really know if a weapon is involved until it's too late

2) the person you see doesn't have the's the person you DON'T see who is armed, and often behind you.

These factors often make it difficult to realize your start off thinking 'what a bozo...they're not even armed...' and end up thinking 'Ooops...' In Nairobi, there were always at least two tapped the watch on your wrist...the other stood right behind you with a knife waiting for you to screw up and resist. The look on people's faces when they got stabbed from behind was not pleasant...but it was priceless in the lesson it taught. Property is is not.


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