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Re: Self defense against what???

Ian, please NOOOO!!! (sorry, must grab a coffee as there's way too many exclamation marks here) - just imaging what would happen to a poor unsuspecting martial art once our trendy new Unis got hold of it. Before you know it, the little darling of an art would be eviscerated in the name removing competition (ie. being able to say if someone's doing it right), technique would be altered in order to meet "the changing needs of society" by people who have never even seen the ma followed by the wholesale dumping of other disciplines inside the course to help it meet research accreditation standards. (starts breathing too deeply, losing focus...)

Please, it's bad enough dealing with the normal "I've got authority" nobs in martial arts without adding the gloss of high academia arseholes to it. Look at the numbers of people who already use soke, Dr (from an unrelated field) and various ministerial titles to bolster their position - giving people a BA in applied biomechanical mayhem from the Institute of Alternative Medicine, Chipping Sudbury gives me the creeps

Yann - good stuff, but on stats I want "reported correctly with full sources appended and access to original datasets" added for obvious reasons...
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