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Self defense against what???

Being a mathematician (or at lest pretending) I like to work with numbers. Sometimes on some Aikido boards there are people asking if Aikido is useful in self defense. So, guess what? I wanted to know what type of attacks are most frequent so I can suggest what training to do if self defense is the aim. I won't pass any of my conclusions -- what works for me won't work for you -- but here are some useful sites which contains accurate data and not frikking urban myths.

The website of the home office in the UK: which include a "guide to self defense" at as well as the "good to be safe" site -- Needless to say, all are worth reading.

The website of crime statistics in the UK:

I would urge anyone who teaches Aikido as self defense to at least read those data and think about what you are teaching your students. Otherwise you maybe teaching your students things that will harm them. Be warned. </Cassandra>

Of course, this is for the UK only. It seems likely (not proved) that York, gangland LA and Baghdad would require different approaches to self defense! -- and the price for the understatement goes to me. *grins evilly*

BTW, this is not a criticism of anyone here... I'm just trying to help.

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