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Jessie Brown
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Re: Poll: Is aikido suitable for absolutely everyone to learn?

I agree that there are undoubtedly physical obstacles for some, but I think that aikido is still possible for these persons. As many have stated, some people do the physical movements without caring about the spirit; this shows to me that practice and philosophy support one another but are not inextricably intertwined. I think if someone lives his life according to the principles of aikido, strengthened by keiko of any sort (meditation etc.), that is what is important.

The poll struck me more as a psychological or philosophical question. I add my opinion to a couple others to say that aikido is one path, not the only path. I think that any pursuit undertaken with the goal of self-improvement and harmony are no less admirable than aikido. The drive to persevere, improve oneself, and contribute something to others is much more rare. But, just like in aikido, any activity in life can be approached and accomplished with that spirit, like pottery, learning a language, folding one's hakama.

So...I think that the general principles aikido adheres to-- chiefly harmony-- are for everyone, but the manner of achieving those principles varies according to each person's unique interests.

As O'Sensei said, "Though there are many paths at the foot of the mountain, all those who reach the top see the same moon."
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