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Re: hip throws

It seems that every art has it's own way. I have to agree with the statement that all hip throws are considered Koshinage in Aikido, which they are not. Each variation has another name. Since Aikido has taken techniques from Daito Ryu, we should all do some research on Daito Ryu (if you havent already) and get a clear understanding of the names of different throws.

I was taught a shoulder throw (Ippon Seoi Nage) and I made my own variations, later to find out those variations had names and were used by many Judo practitioners. Had I not researched that, I would think they were all Ippon Seoi Nage. The same exact thing goes for the hip throw. Ogoshi Nage is the "hard hip throw". Koshinage is a different throw than Ogoshi Nage. They are all clearly different throws, instructors have just failed to research, or didnt care to research the arts past and where they got the techniques from. Of course, maybe that's why there is Aikido, maybe they call all 15 variations of the hip throw Koshinage and call it a new art. hehehe Just kidding..

I also agree with Jemery where as Judo was first Budo, and second a sport. One can train for the Olympics or competition and still have a clear understanding of how to destroy an opponent. I have competed in submission grappling and trained for it, but I clearly understand the combat applications and techniques that can be applied in ground fighting. Let's not forget that these are "Martial" Arts, not recreational sports.

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