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aikijitsu (sic)

[quote]The One wrote:
>[b]I recently started taking lessons
>in a style called "Aki-Jitsu". It is
>an ecclectic of many systems and
>styles of martial arts including
>aikido, judo, karate, wing chun, and
>tai chi.

Hmm. Then ... it is not aikijutsu or aikijujutsu. Not sure what it IS, but it's neither of those. Of course, the teacher can call the subject matter anything he or she cares to, but an amalgam like that is probably not gonna resemble anything a koryu jujutsu student or teacher would recognize.

Aikijujutsu, which is really just jujutsu (Ueshiba started calling his Daito Ryu jujutsu 'aiki' jujutsu at the urging of Onisaburo and with Takeda's possibly somewhat tacit blessing.

"Aiki" as a term in Japanese budo has been around a long, long time and has been attached to arts such as Kito Ryu jujutsu and Takenouchi Ryu jujutsu, among others.

>Would you consider them non aiki? How

Depends. Define aiki, first. I tend to cleave toward tohe older definitions, but it's a real fuzzy term and is open to wide interpretation.

>effective or traditional would you
>think the aikido in this form would

Effective? Who knows. I really don't care. I'm not much interested in what most folks think of as 'effective.' That's strictly something you and your needs will determine.

Traditional? Nope. Probably not a'tall.

Traditionally-flavored? Maybe. The things I study and teach are pretty eclectic, but are all japanese at the root and are the product of many years' distillation by my teachers.

My teacher did some modern jujutsu, some koryu jujutsu, some aikido and judo and some karate. He taught what he taught and we trained. The end product is pretty cohesive and has a strong koryu flavor, but it is NOT koryu, nor is it a ryuha in the strictest sense.

What I do is MY budo. And I am unaffiliated and stubbornly independant. I do also, however, study Eishin Ryu iaido and SMR jodo and train with koryu and gendai folks at every opportunity.

Who is your teacher? What did he or she study? From whom did your teacher gain authority to blend styles and why is it called aikijitsu? Just curious, not challenging.

Chuck Gordon

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