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Re: Your Diet And Its impact on your Aikido

Hi all,

It's time for me to brag just a little bit. I've lost 45 lbs. in the past year and kept it off. I'm not following any particular diet, just eating less overall. I eat more, but smaller, meals and try to get some veggies and fruit most days.

The regular exercise from aikido helps, but I've been training for nearly five years and actually managed to gain weight during that time. This indicates to me that my diet was the major problem, not lack of exercise.

Naturally, carrying much less weight around makes things much easier than before, but I've noticed something very interesting related to what I eat and how I train. Before I lost the weight, I had no trouble making it through an evening training session without feeling hungry, even though I hadn't eaten dinner first. Now, I have to have a snack of some sort before training or I have a huge energy low about an hour into class. I find that an apple, banana, or a pack of cheese cracker sandwiches a half hour before class can tide me over.

I find it odd that my energy needs have changed so dramatically, but I'll go with what works.


-Drew Ames
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