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Re: Seiza and Calves Pain

Once again, thanks to everyone for the advice! Seiza is still "not exactly comfortable" but I doubt the fix will come overnight! ;-) On the other hand, tonight I noticed that my flexiblity in the stretches we do at the beginning of each class surprised me. I am able to do them much better now, particularly the ones that affect the various leg muscles. So I will say that I am comfortable with my current progress. As far as seiza is concerned, I will keep working on it, and consider all of your kind advice! Thank you so much!

David Valadez, I am looking into a zafu and zabuton now. At my dojo, the dojo-owned zafus are all black, and the zabutons are mostly black, with a couple of purple or red ones as well.

Ayla Falloon, I think I agree. I used to swim competitively in High School (long ago :-)) so I think I can tell the difference and use my judgement between "good sore" and "bad pain." Anyways, I spoke with my Sensei, and decided that I will continue at my current rate, taking a day off as needed. On the other hand, it really might not matter too much, because on September 1, my next term at school starts, and that interferes with the training, so I will be cut back to fewer classes during the week. Thanks though, I think I am beginning to understand my current limits, or getting closer!

Dan Guthrie, I don't think it is the pants being too tight when I get into seiza. If anything, my pants could still stand to shrink a bit more. Regardless, I tried pulling at them around the knees this evening, and it didn't change anything. Thank you for the idea though!
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