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Re: Leaving the Dojo

Dave Organ wrote:
At this time; I really need to know exactly how long the student has been doing aikido; with what frequency; what his focus in the art is and exactly why - besides time in - he feels he should be a Shodan.
All that being said; I'd really like to know what the Sensei's idea is as well - making a 'conditional' yudansha must be one helluva lot more complicated than just promoting a deserving candidate; for all the awkward questions the student has to answer; he's gonna have to answer a lot more.

Hi Dave

Here is the answer. Student has already 26 months on his time, 12 sessions per month, 3 hours per session or 36 hours per month or a total of 936 hours. Student spent 11 months on 3rd kyu. I would say his focus is in the proper execution, not the finished product. He wanted his techniques done based on aiki principles, and not a mirror of his sensei's form. Student wanted to understand the principles behind the exercises as he knows they have applications, and is not contended performing them beautifully without understanding fully the mechanics behind them...

On the otherside of the river, sensei has hesitations because other sempais have been there before the subject student but was kind'a off and on in attendance. Subject student was very active and never missed a session. Sensei also has hesitations as he fears students will leave him once they attain the shodan rank.
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