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David Yap
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Re: Leaving the Dojo

romuel villareal wrote:
A. Since student has decided to leave, should he return the unofficial certificate?
B. If you were the student and the sensei says, dont leave I'll make it official now, what would you say?
Hi Romuel,

In situations mentioned in your first post, IMO the student has been exploited by the first teacher and then brings his "problem" to the second teacher who sees an opportunity to exploit the same. It seems like the guy didn't learn or just intend it that way for personal reason .

As for the answers:

A. If he feels that he merits the shodan in terms of ability and understanding of the art, then he should keep the certificate. (The sensei award him the cert unofficially but yet doesn't grade him - is obviously holding back the student).

B. I would leave anyway but after he had made the cert official. (Equate it with an employment situation, you get an better offer from a prospective employer who merits your qualifications and experience; you inform present employer and he then proceed to match the same offer. Would you stay? Knowing that he didn't want to give you a pay raise in the first place; or he is buying time until he finds a replacement for you?)

Just my two sen


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