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Re: Leaving the Dojo

John, Hanna, Lyle, Devon, Mike & Michael

Thank you all. You've been very straight and honest with your answers/suggestions, really appreciated. Now to make things a little bit more complicated, an additional question please.

Since the STUDENT was dealing with other local organizations, etc.etc., the dojo instructor issued an unofficial shodan ID and certificate to the student (coz the dojo currently has none, plus the fact that sensei went on a leave for 2 mos and sempai took care of things) who is on 2nd going to 1st kyu. Student is authorized to declare the BB outside the dojo, wears the belt during exhibitions (student really is not bothered by anything else in his mind coz he knows he has done his time, he feels this BB is actually long due) until one day the student realized the complications involved. People started asking how come you wear black outside the dojo and you wear another color inside (coz sensei does not permit the student to wear the BB inside the dojo- as it was not officially announced). Student appoach sensei and requested that it be declared officially or give test , sensei said yah yah we will do that, but it never happenned. So here are the questions - please tell me what you think?

A. Since student has decided to leave, should he return the unofficial certificate?
B. If you were the student and the sensei says, dont leave I'll make it official now, what would you say?

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