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Re: 2009 World Games

Erik Haselhofer wrote:
Interesting, I couldn't find specific detail regarding the IAF recognition requirement other than a link to their site. As the United States is not a member of the IAF that would imply that we don't get to play, err, whatever it is they are doing. If it's an exhibition event then it seems likely that someone in Germany dialed them up and arranged the demo which makes it likely that it would only be the IAF which would be represented and hence the IAF membership bit may not be an actual requirement?

Anyone out there with first-hand knowledge?

Having researched this whole thing about a month ago I have some Internet-hand information and started another thread here on Aikiweb with these same questions.

Taken from the World Games Homepage -
The International Federations whose sports are admitted to the official program ensure that the competitions in all events of The World Games are of the highest standards. They establish the qualification and selection criteria for their assigned contingent of athletes.
From the IWGA Rules it says -
Each Member Federation, in order to be eligible for inclusion in the World Games programme, must guarantee to organise an elite competition which is reserved for invited competitors of the highest standard only. In selecting the competitors and/or teams the Member Federation shall ensure adequate international representation of its members.
So the way the World Games works is that representatives are found via a selection process that must be undertaken by the "Member Federation." The Member Federation for Aikido taken from the World Games Website is the IAF .

The IAF Website says -
The Membership of the IAF is open to national organisations which have Recognition from the Aikikai Hombu.
There are currently some 53 organisations which have Recognition from the Hombu, but not all of
these organisations can be members of the IAF.

At present the IAF has a rule that only one organisation from each country may be a member.
It is important to recognise that Recognition by the Aikikai Hombu is quite different from Membership of the IAF.
So as I said before this is an Aikikai exhibition at the World games, since according to the IWGA Rules they are ineligible to compete since they do not or have not

-Organised (sic) an elite competition which is reserved for invited competitors of the highest standard only.

-Effectively control such sports or disciplines of sports world-wide.

-Practise (sic) in a competitive way in at least three (3) of the world's continents.

-Organised at least three (3) World Championships or comparable events for the sports disciplines concerned.
as indicated by the IWGA Rules.

Unless the Aikikai or the IAF are holding International Championship level Aikido Competitions without my knowing and anyone talking about it.

So this is the info I have. I have also asked for first hand information as it shocked me to find that the same folks who say "there is no competition in Aikido" are associating themselves with an international competitive sporting event that requires international level competitions to participate.


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