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Re: Poll: Is aikido suitable for absolutely everyone to learn?

Mathijs Terwel wrote:
Why not? I even read on a site that someone in a wheelchair was able to do it. Of course you're not able to do it when your whole body is paralyzed, but I don't think those people really count...
For Physical:
Shihan had a student before with no arms, he was a tai chi student. He told me he had very good Tai Chi. He also told me he had a Aikido teacher who was blind, but was very good at Aikido.

For mental:
Weve had students that dont last long and they quit, because of thier attitudes. One girl came because her parents made her. Was aikdio for her??

Probably not. The amount of people that are not interested in self improvment is alot more then we think. Not everyone is into that.

It may be suitable to learn for everyone, but its not foreveryone.
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