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Axiom wrote:
This has probably been discussed before, but I can't find any previous discussion. I've just begun(~2 months) aikido, and I'm wondering. How do real world Uke(or attackers, or whatever) fall? For example, while in class, sending someone into a forward throw results in a splendidly beautiful and graceful forward roll, leaving Uke pretty much unharmed and in a ready position. I've never really tried a technique on a non-Aikidoka that would send them into a front roll(My friends seem strangely unwilling to experiment :-) ), but what would happen to a real world uke not trained in falling? What about ushiro ukemi?

Just beginning,
Alex Magidow
Well, we have a guy here in our dojo that did have to use Aikido on an idiot a few months ago. The result was that the attacker ended up with a dislocated shoulder and a really bad headache. Our friend (the good guy) spent some time in jail waiting for the police to get the whole story straight even though it happened in front of a convenience store full of witnesses.

I personally can tell you that the attacker does not go down with a nice perfect roll or break fall and you will more than likely seriously injure the attacker ( and this is a bad thing? ) well, consider that you can possibly wind up with a law suite against you. Now let's go one step further. You are now in court explaining your side when the attacker's lawyer (or public defender) asks, Mr. Victim, do you currently study any martial arts? and your answer will be...........

From this point on there is little use in explaining much of anything. As soon as a judge (or jury) hears that question answered you're running uphill from there, if you know what I mean.

WITH CAUTION, when you think you have a technique down, work with the new people in your dojo. Don't throw them down, but take them to the edge and note how their body reacts. It's very interesting to see how much different their body moves compaired to someone that has been training for awhile.

Good luck and be safe!
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