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Leaving the Dojo

What do you think about this guys?

An active student (sempai), spent considerable amount of time in practice, have contributed a lot to the dojo in terms of exposure, advertising, exhibition, local and international affiliation, felt his time-in-grade as well as his efforts are not being recognized by the Dojo instructor finally decided to leave his master. But has a heavy heart doing so because he knows his master depended on him, administration wise. This student on the other hand wants progress, and he felt he would not have a future with the current dojo.

Same student approached another sensei, explained his problem. Sensei being new in the area, said I will help you if you help me set-up my dojo here. Student says yes, goes for testing but has not yet formally informed his other sensei.


1. Is leaving his old sensei justifiable?
2. Should he approach his old sensei and tell him the truth or leave and tell lies about the real reason for his leaving?
3. Can he do his resignation in writing or better personal?
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