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Re: How many instructors teach Ukemi Waza?

Larry Camejo wrote:
Ukemi is first and foremost the practical ability to safely take a fall, at least in our understanding. This means that even if Ueshiba M. himself were throwing you, you should be able to handle it as long as you have developed your skills to that level.
Interesting thing is, that either before II WW either after, there were no special teaching of ukemi in Founder's dojo. That means, all students learned how to fall by themself, simply during reception of the techniques..
Larry Camejo wrote:
Ukemi is spontaneous reaction imo.
No, if ukemi would be spontaneous reaction there will be no need to teach special classes of ukemi :P
Ukemi is learned reaction, and is not generic. So in fact, ukemi drill(i.e. exercises for rolling foreward or backward....) distroy natural sensivity of the body, and prevent student to progress to higher level of aikido secrets


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