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Re: How many instructors teach Ukemi Waza?

Devon Natario wrote:
Just curious how many instructors out there train their students in Breakfalling. Does your dojo train in breakfalling?
I mean left, right, backward, forward, rolls, slap out rolls, hardfalls etc etc.
I know what you mean.
Mae and Ushiro and breakfall ukemi are compulsary you cant get anywhere in Aikido with out it! , but the other ones like left, right and the ones where u are facing one way and instead of doing ushiro, you half turn without moving your feet much and do a funny backward/forward roll? i hope thats what you mean. One of my senseis does this in one of his classes every now and then. It is very different from normal ukemi and can be very difficult!!!
I hope this answers you question.
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