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Re: Hungry for Aikido

Hey I dont blame yah. Your post isnt offensive at all. Its your opinion. You may be misunderstanding me at times. I am not speaking in temrs of "me". Im speaking in terms of a "whole".

Obviously, I hunger, obviously I understand things or I wouldnt be an instructor of Jujitsu. I am simply stating my opinoin of why. And I was in the military. I spent two year in Korea and 80% of that time learning the culture. I spent a few months in Japan, learning its culture. I am well rounded in understanding cultures, thats why I commented about "Americans" (which I am) not the entire world.

John: No offense to the 6th Dan. I am not trying to compare my 20 years of experience to his 30 in no way. I was simply stating my opinion.

You have a great point as well. I dont teach because Im into money. I teach to pass on the art and find those eager hungry students. This is why I teach in my home, or at a Church. It's where people are hungry to learn. Will I ever make millions? No! Will I ever be on Black Belt Magazine? No!. But you know what? Ill always have the kind of students he is talking about because those are the only ones I will ever teach.

Maybe in the past, this was true for the teachers and the great ones before us. Maybe they werent in it to make money. Maybe they were in it to teach those who "hungered" to learn. Instead of worrying about starting a chain of McDojos around the world for instant fame and wealth, maybe we should bring the arts back to the Japanese Culture where it was only passed down to family members, and only given to a select few. I think Ive said it before. Americans want what they cant have. Make it to accessible, and they arent into it. Make it untouchable and theyd give their leg to have it.

It's not something you really fix, because you cant change the entire Martial World. You can only keep your own standards in who you teach.

It's just my opinoins too guys/gals. Its not a big deal. I disagree with certain things, you guys disagree with certain things I say. Sorry

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