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Re: Hungry for Aikido

Devon Natario said: "Im sorry my point is that it's a generalization and anyone can do it."

True. But, when it's said by a 6th Dan who has been training for almost 30 years, shouldn't you at least give him the benefit of the doubt?

Re-read Sensei's last paragragh:
Sensei Ledyard said: "I only mention this to perhaps create an awareness in the students of today what their own teachers have gone through in order to get to where they are. Huge amounts of time, money, and physical effort have gone into creating this current generation of senior instructors. The effort and commitment required has given their practice a depth that is lacking in many students today who have not had to work so hard to be presented with far more resources than we had. Take these things seriously and take advantage of every opportunity you possibly can to train. Don't just wait for it to be handed to you, go after it. Be one of the "hungry" ones. Your practice will be deeper and your dojo will benefit from your efforts as well. And I can say categorically that, as a teacher, having a bunch of students who are "hungry" in this way provides an inspiration to progress, innovate and grow that isn't there when you feel like people don't care enough to even get what you already have to offer them."
He's not just complaining. He is giving us something to think about in the hope of creating the hunger in others. Okay, so you say you have it already... then what about those around you? You might not be the target audience of this article, but I bet you know someone that could benefit from it... hmm?

Just a thought.

Have a nice day!

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