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Re: Seiza and Calves Pain

Thomas Ambrose wrote:
Thanks for the continued input!

I am beginning to think that I might be pushing myself too hard, and not giving my muscles enough time to recover. In other words, I wonder if I might be tearing my muscles up more than I should.
In your experience, what is the optimal amount of practice one should attend in a week?
Hi Thomas
It is really hard to know limits on how many days you should be doing Aikido, escpecially to start off with. I absolutely luv aikido and would go to as many classes as possible but i have different limits to you. With Aikido when you first start out its good to get an idea of your limits first thing, so if your walking around with slightly sore muscles its a good thing but dont push it past there! if your walking around with extremly sore muscles then take a weeks break or something!!!
Like i said before it is hard to know your limits but its even harder to know someone elses whom you havnt met before!!!
I think only you can decide what your limits are. But mayby because you have only just started mayby only go 2-3 times a week, and then build it up from there. I no when i started i only did 1 class a week and then 2 and now 3 (we only have 4 classes a week) I also think its a good ides to talk to your sensei as well.
Hope all this helps!

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