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Re: Hungry for Aikido

I understand the point to his plug John, and Im not dogging the concept surrounding his theory. Where I come from, you don't complain or theorize without a solution to the issue. Anyone can complain. I can complain that there seems to be more Akido practitioners that think only knowledge can be found in Aikido, when in all actuality all arts have a great deal to offer. There are and were other greats to see like Professor Wally Jay, the late Professor Presas, the late Leo D. Wilson, Hanshi George Dillman etc etc. However, the closed minded people in Aikido refuse to go outside of the box.

Im sorry my point is that it's a generalization and anyone can do it. It takes away from the rest of us that are hungry for knowledge, and it misrepresents the new pratitioners in Aikido. A real practitioner of the arts never stops being a student anyways. So there shouldn't be much of a change from those days to these days unless everyone has passed away.

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