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Re: Blindly searching for the path of Aikido

P.P.P.S I believe for Ueshiba aikido was an expression of the functioning of the universe ("when I walk, that is aikido"). Thus, maybe investigate zen/taoism if you want to examine some philosophical and psychological aspects of martial arts (I can't recommend shinto/omote kyo since I know little of it).

Hope this is all useful to you; many people are in the same situation as yourself. Draw up a training plan in which you can monitor your progress, and make sure you can improve! When you reach your peak, alter your plan (but don't loose what you have coniditoned your body to do).

Practically, a few basic responses which are simple, effective and well practiced is better than many years of half-hearted aikido - aikido itself is a massive simplification of the vast aikijitsu syllabus.

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