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Re: Hungry for Aikido

Nice post!

I think it all comes down to choosing what you want to commit to. Many folks won't make that choice in favour of Aikido - fair play to them. Those few of us who do make that choice for Aikido get a lot more depth to our training and ultimately get more out of it, IMHO.

Personally I have virtually always put Aikido first - a choice that has been criticised by my employer, my family and my friends at different times. They don't understand my choice and I can't explain it to them - you either get the bug or you don't

Two months ago I spent money I didn't have to go to Amsterdam to a seminar with Ikeda Sensei. It will take me three months to recover from that debt, but it was totally worth it. (The way I saw it, it was still less expensive than going to the USA to see him!) My Aikido has moved up a notch since that seminar, and I'm grateful every day that Ikeda Sensei made that trip to Europe, and I was fortunate enough to train under his instruction (and even grab his wrist a couple of times!).

So there are a few of us who will travel long distances, spend money and time, to do that which we truly love.

If other folk don't get it, it's their choice

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