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Peter Seth
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Smile Re: Strange feeling

Hi Torunaga - (powerful name).
You sound as though you feel you are stuck and going nowhere and trying hard to balance all the things in your life at the moment. Treat aikido as fun, a reward/treat to yourself. Balance your training with the other important things you have to do - college - friends - etc etc. But don't give up, enjoy!

Life is full of plateau's and rises. Do not confuse the sometimes long and tedious 'walk' along the level plateau as not progressing, and the rise (the step up) when progress seems to be made.
The plateau is where we learn! The rise is just the cumulation of knowledge gained on the plateau which allows us to step up to the next level.

You will find everyone goes through the same feelings/stages, not just in aikido but in all aspects of life - adapt.

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