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Re: How many instructors teach Ukemi Waza?

Szczepan Janczuk wrote:
Teaching ukemi may have some positive aspects, but has also many negative.
I would say that the positive aspects of teaching ukemi far outweigh the negative aspects.

Being able to get up after being slammed into the mat is a really good thing. If you go 100% (even 30%) with people who do not know how to move they will be injured. There is no question about this. Unless we decide to go back to using convicts to practice our skills on, its probably a good idea to teach how to receive the technique so we can keep practicing together (in harmony, even).

A technique requires two people and my understanding is that every movement throughout the technique is done as a result of the previous movement being countered in some way by uke. This is done together until there is no more place for uke to go...and splat! However, if you don't teach someone to block that very first atemi, then you are never going to learn to do whatever comes after that atemi.

And as for using Aikido ukemi practically in life...

I have a friend who was riding his bicycle along the street when a car door suddenly opened in front of him; he did a forward breakfall over the door, got up, dusted himself off, told the person who opened the door to be more careful and after straightening the bicycle wheel, he peddled on.

Just a few thoughts,



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