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Re: Hungry for Aikido

Hi George,

Great sentiments expressed extremely well. Thanks for putting them down into words and for posting them here.

Relatedly, perhaps, from my own experiences recently, I find it kind of sad when a class that is regularly taught by our chief instructor or one of our senior students gets a substitute instructor due to that person going out of town, the attendence drops to almost nothing. One of my friends commented on "teacher dependency" and I can see what he means.

In any case, for my own aikido experience, I can say that I have benefitted greatly from going to classes and seminars taught by many different instructors from different lineages over the years. Now that the number of people who have studied directly with the founder is rapidly diminishing, I think it's time for both students and teachers to shed the sort of "discriminatory" tendencies that George and John mention above.

Thanks again, George, for your thoughts.

-- Jun

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