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Jessie Brown
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Re: Strange feeling

I've actually experienced this same problem. I started aikido my first year of college (I'm a third year now) and felt some ambivalence about going to practice sometimes. What worked for me was to sit myself down and examine how much of a priority aikido was for me and realistically how often I could go to practice with my other commitments. Once I figured that out, I set the practice days and I went. Sometimes I would try to talk myself out of going- there are natural fluctuations in your enthusiasm- but I would stick to my schedule. As a side note on that, if you've decided you want to commit to aikido, try not to feel guilty about forcing yourself to go. I always enjoy practice but outside pressures can make it difficult to get there. So as long as you're still enjoying practice, don't worry if you're quibbling on getting there.

For example, for me, going five times a week made my aikido experience worse because I had so much homework to catch up on and I wasn't seeing my non-aikido friends at all. Plus, as important as aikido is to me, my primary purpose in being in college is academics-- to learn and get a degree. When it comes down to it, classes have to come first while I'm here. It isn't ideal but it's the reality of it while I'm here. So every quarter, I reevaluate my class schedule and fix an aikido schedule. With a small degree of variance, that's what I do until next semester. Thank goodness that's going to change once I graduate-- two years of uchi deshi here I come!!

Hope that helped somewhat. Good luck!

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