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Re: Poll: Is aikido suitable for absolutely everyone to learn?

Aiki in the broader sense - Yes.
The martial art as generally practiced - No.
The martial art adapted to suit different types - Probably yes.

Is everyone suitable to train/learn might be another way of putting it. Aikido's not broken, its the people that are wrong

Perhaps we should have different aiki practices for people of different abilities/ levels of commitment. To some extent we already don this, e.g. I know of older people, who only practice weapons as they can't take the ukemi any more. Fair enough. Or there is a dojo I know that runs 8 week intro courses to Aikido that are fairly gentle, before students graduate onto their more hardcore regular class, or in most cases leave having had a positive experience, but no real desire to devote large amounts of time and energy to going further.

If we can practice in different ways on the mat ( suit kids, smaller people, more aggressive people, etc) then Aikido classes should be suitable for almost everyone (not ugly people obviously - joke). Good instructors understand the principles of Aikido which can be applied to various forms of body/mind. Aiki is after all about blneding and adpting.

Just my 2 pence,

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