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Larry Feldman
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Re: Strange feeling

If it was easy you would be writing about how bored you are.

If you enjoy training - that is all that matters, just keep training. It's the process.

If you look at a day of training equal to a sheet of paper on a stack, you will see no progress in a week, but keep putting paper on the stack and in a year or two the stack will be visible.

When comparing progess of students it is usually two factors that are involved, frequency of attending class and their ability to learn. You seem frustrated with your ability to learn, but most of my students that are any good were 'plodders'. They were slow learners who just enjoyed practice and hung in there. They were used to working through problems, and did not get caught up in instant success. The 'naturals' oftentimes leave when they get frustrated, and go look for other activities where they can be natural talents. It is the tortoise and the hare fable......don't be fooled by the apparent fast start of the rabbits. The race is 'won' through showing up every day.

Be patient with yourself. Everyone has their own schedule for learning. Think about comparing your Aikido today to your first day of class, I am sure it is improved.
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