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Quick Intro

Hi all, I thought it was probably proper etiquette to introduce first before posting in different areas on the forum, so here I am.

My name is Paul Major, 25, and I was introduced to Aikido through a Jiyushinkai dojo in Oklahoma City many years ago. I only trained for a very brief time, but it changed my life. I then moved around quite a bit, for a long time unable to find an Aikido dojo anywhere near me. Now I've settled into the Los Angeles area for a spell, and I've begun training again in the art.

I currently study at the Aikido Center of Los Angeles, an Aikikai affiliated dojo. I'm finding it to be both enjoyable, demanding, and traditional. Beginning classes are often a decent mix of kyu and dan ranks, though of course more often kyu. By this I mean that it makes the training experience very mixed and educational.

My interest in Aikido is as a life path, and I do not covet 'a black belt' or particularly care about things in that way. I'm just here to learn, find certain things within myself, and I'm hoping AikiWeb will serve as a helpful supplement to that. I'm also a lurker on the Aikido Journal and e-budo forums.

Thanks all!

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