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(not entirely) Strange feeling


Comparing your progress to that of others is often dangerous. Be happy that your mind is not blinded by your own perceived greatness. It is good that you can already recognize when technique isn't working. This is a very important skill. Besides, your attitude to train for the sake of training alone sounds quite healthy to me.

Someone told me a story when I was newer to aikido. It went something like this:
A prospective student approaches a sensei and inquires how long it will take to master martial art. The sensei (not wanting to give the philosophical answer of a lifetime) says that proficiency will take twelve years.
The student tells the sensei that this is much too long and expresses a willingness to be dedicated to training. The sensei replies that perhaps with daily training this can be shortened to ten years.
The student replies that this is still too long and asks how long it will take if training is done all day and sleep is reduced. The sensei answers that in this case it will take twenty years.
Seeing the student's sadness and confusion, the sensei explains that if mastery is wanted to much, the desire will get in the way.

Don't give up. Even climbing a stairwell is the act of standing on a series of plateaus, be patient and you will most likely find your next step. It is easy to disregard the hard fought steps that have been conquered for the hurdles that remain.

"One does not find wisdom in another's words." -James D. Chye
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