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Do symbol Strange feeling

It's normal to feel that you can't do the techniques, that you are not able to learn what others can so well?

In order to explain what I'm feeling, I will tell a little about my "aikido history"... I started a year ago (age 16), and I used to study at morning and train at night, twice a week. Even studying at afternoon too (age 17) I was still there, training. I was happy, even with some doubts about "does it works". OK, I always though it was normal.
The past eight months I'm waiting the college to start, but did not stop training, now three times per week. I believe more than never that aikido works, that it's a good way to develop body, mind and spirit. Important to note that I did not do anything these months but train aikido. Anything.

Next week college starts. I'm going to study morning and afternoon again, to have a life again. (age 18)

Now I return to my question. I's normal to feel that you can't learn as the others? It's OK to keep training just to do not stop training?
Some days ago I asked myself why was I training, what I was looking for on aikido. "To keep training" was my answer. So I am training to don't stop training?

I'm confuse. Is this normal?
I am trying to believe that this is because I the only thing I'm doing is to train aikido and this could make my perception of my advances stagnate.

Please, I need some help.

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