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Re: One student who doesn't understand

Mark: Why is that so incredulous? If everyone was suited to learn aikido, we'd have such large student populations that we could all be full time instructors. My point was that not every student is of the mind set or even interest of learning aikido. I'm sorry but if I have a student that can only injure others while performing techniques and does not seem to get it with considerable effort to train then I'm going to have a heart to heart to see why this is happening. Depending on the outcome I may politely suggest that he or she select an art where brutalizing others is the norm. Generally, such students figure that out for themselves. However, I'm not willing to have other students injured unnecessarily. That's just me.

That is not to say, however, that I don't try and help the student learn and would only do the above as a last resort for the safety of others. It sounds like Ruth has stumbled upon an approach that may work and I applaud her resourcefulness.

As a 30 year Buddhist, I was a little surprise by your comments. Reality can sometimes be a difficult pill to swallow. Although this person appears salvageable based on her latest post, if he was not then the reality of the situation needed to be dealt with in a positive and supportive manner and the student helped to find the appropriate path.
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