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Confused Looking for a special Bokken/Bokuto

I was recently at NY Aikikai's 40th Anniversary Summer Camp, and I saw a type of Bokken I had never seen before -- and now, I want one (and so do 3 others in my dojo). I've searched EVERYWHERE on-line, trying to find it, to no avail (yet).

Here's what I saw: oak bokken, Yagyu-ryu style (narrow and light-weight), with plastic saya (sheath) and hang-cords, black rubber hand-grip with integrated rubber tsuba (hand-guard), textured like a true katana's handle.

Kid who owned it claimed to have found it in a weapons shop in New York City. It was extremely well balanced, and held up during hard contact kata practice.

Anyone with any information, please give me a clue -- my sensei keeps asking me if I've located a supplier, yet, and I hate to keep disappointing him.
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