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Re: Wearing Hakama

Joezer Mandagi wrote:
In my dojo only yudansha wear hakama... so after practice they can look busy folding their hakamas while the rest of us clean the dojo
Hehe I like this post.

It reminds me of training at an Aikikai dojo and seeing this phenomena for the first time. Being the official bonafide Aiki-heathen that I am (wearing only black belt and gi), I proceeded to get all the other folks together (mainly mudansha) and leave early for a cold one while the other Yudansha were still folding.

Personally though, one great deterrent to me for wearing hakama (besides our official stance that it is dangerous) is having to take so much time to fold it afterwards (folding is not my area of expertise). I once considered wearing one, but thought of the looks I'd get when I folded it like my gi and tossed it into my bag without "lining up all the pleats".

Just my 2 cents.

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